Mommy & Me Dress Code

  • Girls - Pink Tutu Leotard, Ballet Slippers, Pink Ballet Tights. All available for purchase through “Petite Ballroom.”

  • Boys - Black Pants/Leggings, White T-shirt and Black Ballet Slippers (only slippers available for purchase through “Petite Ballroom”)

Ballroom 101 Dress Code

  • Girls - Black Practice Dress; Ballroom Shoes - 1 to 1.5” heel

  • Boys - Black Pants/Leggings, White T-shirt and Black Ballroom Shoes

 Dance Etiquette


Please, take off your shoes and/or socks upon entering the ballroom. If you choose to wear socks, kindly make sure they have some grip, since we will be dancing on a smooth, sprung hardwood floor.


Consider using a sanitizer for both you and your child before you begin class.


Please, participate fully with your child and try to complete all exercises along with us. The more you participate, the better example your child will have and the faster he/she will learn.


Please, refrain from using your cell phone during class, unless you want to take a picture of your little one in a tutu/dance uniform. Should you need to make/take a phone call, kindly do so outside of the ballroom and take your child with you.


We care about your child’s health and well being. Please, bring only children in good health. No one wants to miss class, but if your child is sick or feeling under the weather, please, consider caring for them at home until they get better.


Please, keep your snack and drinks at a safe and hidden place, so Petite Dancers are not tempted to add them to our dancing "menu" during class.  Water is welcome at all times.